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How did I start with photography and how did I become wedding photographer

After Milan's introduction blog it is my turn. I have to admit that I'm not one of those people that were practically born with a camera. My first encounter with photography wasn't untill well into primary school. It was at a school excursion up in the hills, when mom packed a camera with all other things in my bag. I can vividly remember how I enjoyed taking photos. While looking true the viewfinder I could wonder out of reality and build a little piece of world just for myself. These are photos from that time.
I even found these photographs in family album.

Let's scroll few years forward. At the start of my twenties I had my first encounter with a more serious camera. I had Nikon D3100 and that's how my photographic education started. I started like it is normal in our time, with Youtube. I was fascinated just with the fact how a camera sensor can capture light and make a picture out of it. While I was learning about tehnical part of photography I was into special photographic technics like: shallow depth of field, long exposure, night photography ...

photograph of Miami from cruise ship | long exposure photograph of night sky | panning of car

With time I wanted to know more and more about photography which is why I went to photography college in Ljubljana. In my time at the college I got to learn more about photography as an art. In class about history of photography I also found out who is the author of one of my favorite pictures. I had this picture on my wall for a few years but have never before asked myself who and how took this masterpiece.
Lunch at Rockefeller center is Lewis W. Hine photograph and was first photograph that I had on my wall.

I am most grateful that I learned a personal expression approach to the art of photography. That's when I photographed a few personal projects of which many were critical thinking on society and things happening around me. I figured out that I do my best if I work in a documentary style and try to tell visual stories with my photographs. Later on, I connected that with photographing weddings. Even today I am happy when the couple tells me after the wedding: when did you take all of those pictures we almost did not see you :)

one of my photographs of street series in Berlin

And how did it turned out that I connected my photographic education with wedding photography?

After I met Milan (this crazy story you already read?). We started to travel together and share the photographic knowledge. One day, Milan mentioned that a friend asked him if we would photograph his sister's wedding. With a bit of fear, because of the unrepeatability of the wedding, we put together the offer and quickly agreed to photograph their wedding. Since we believe in doing things on spontaneous and we love surprises, this is what the universe had planned for us. We took the first wedding before the actual first wedding :) It happened that before we photographed a wedding of Milan's acquaintances, we got a request for taking a wedding in Ptuj. Just such a start we needed, because it seems to me that we both do our best under pressure! These are the photos from the wedding in Ptuj.

All I wrote is history, now a new story is written. SATUARA is the story of connecting passion with hard work. A story about how two friends connected in the desire to fulfill their dreams. We are Goran and Milan and we are destination wedding photographers! What does that mean? That there are two passions that so deeply in us that we do not want to separate them ever again. Regardless of whether we travel for pleasure or work, we always write new stories with our photographs.

double exposure profilka
us on wrong side of lens :)

For us SATUARA is fulfilment of our dream!