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Stormy army wedding

I've got a mail from these two on 11. march 2019. She wrote that she loves my photo work and that they want to book me. Till that time I never booked a couple before I meet them in person. But I went against my gut this time and booked them without meeting them. Before I continue I have to say that I am really happy that I did. They turned out to be awsome people and we really had a blast at their wedding.

2019.06.22 Tajana in Matej 1200px-112 (2)

We got together two weeks before the wedding. That day I found out there will be two first time's for me on their wedding day. The wedding was at evangelical church and the groom is a soldier in Slovenian army. So they had planned an army protocol wedding.

2019.06.22 Tajana in Matej 1200px-243

I went to this one with Lara. Because of a long drive and these new things in wedding protocol for me, we decided to go a day before the wedding. We used this extra time for walking around and location scouting.

Thank god we did. Because we got shocked by a real thunderstorm on the wedding day. It was great that we planed a photo session before because we were left with just a few minutes to do it. After the church ceremony, we got lucky. Saying "even after the worst storms the sun will shine again" really come thru for us on that day.

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From that moment on we all relaxed and did some great photographs. You are welcome to see them in the gallery!