Satuara slika

Globe Trotters

A camera and opportunity to travel - that is pretty much enough to make us happy campers. That is the reason we created Satuara - destination photography, with the ambition to tell stories through photos, capturing spontaneous and emotional moments.


You are wondering why the name Satuara? Here is the story. We are from a small country called Slovenia, from a small city called Velenje. And do you know where we met? Not in Velenje nor Slovenia. We met in Bali. Can you imagine that? So when we decided to start working together, we choose the name Satuara, because this word originates from the Balinese language. To remind us how it all started.



Milan is a very outgoing person. That's one of the reasons you will rarely see him driving his car. Instead, when he needs a ride, he sticks his thumb up and starts hitchhiking. He just loves the company, and he enjoys meeting new people.

If you know good steakhouse, that won't impress Milan much. But he will appreciate if you recommend him a good vegetarian restaurant. Even better, let him cook. He likes all that cooking stuff.

He manages everyday stress, and the fact I love to make fun of him (a lot), with Tibetan exercises and outdoor activities. Climbing is his thing. When he is at home, TV is usually switched off. He rather enjoys getting his hands on a good book. From time to time he also makes a photo or two .

Milan Njenjić
Goran Vadlja Kamenjašević


Words that best describe Goran - Less words, more action! Our first project was wedding photography. At the wedding, Goran sprained his ankle pretty bad. On top of that, he broke one of the cameras. Things couldn't get worse. But he sucked it up like a hero and made work done. Hats off to him, I said.

Sometimes I'm puzzled by this guy. He doesn't like chickpeas, but man he eats Moroccan snails like candies. For ten years he worked in the mine, 500 meters below the ground. However, when I ask him to go bungee jumping with me, that's too scary for him. Like underground is safer or what?

If you want to invite him to a drink, be sure you choose a place where they serve good vine. His daily to-do list involves taking care of his beautiful curls and making fun of me . In spite of it, I love him because he is an amazing guy, my true friend, and the best coworker I have ever had.